General Information

School Values

Hampton Park Secondary College has three main school values;

Respect, Learning and Working Together.


Please see our school values outlined more thoroughly in the matrix below.

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All government schools are required to comply with Accountability measures. The Annual Report To The School Community provides a snapshot of achievement data in a range of areas such as Student Outcomes, Student Well Being and Student Pathways.

The School Strategic Plan provides the college with key targets and improvement strategies over a four year time frame. The college is currently in a year of review which involves the development of a new Strategic Plan 2014-2017.

Our Staff

Qualities and Attributes


Our teachers are passionate about teaching and learning, and about seeing the potential of every student fulfilled.

Teaching at Hampton Park Secondary College is based on best practice from current research, and on the college values of Respect, Learning and Working Together.

As lifelong learners, our staff are committed to their personal and professional development, are responsible and accountable for the highest standards, and take pride in their achievements and those of students and colleagues.



All staff at the college are committed to the growth of students as individuals, and to ensuring that students feel safe, valued and optimistic about themselves and their futures. High levels of classroom support at Hampton Park Secondary College ensure that students thrive as people and learners.


Contacting a Staff Member

If you would like to contact a member of our staff please call our General Office on (03) 8795 9400 or send an email to attentioning the staff member in the subject line.

Parents of current students can also contact teachers through Compass School Manager

Leading Staff Members for 2015

Year 7 – Mr Jessop

Year 8 – Ms Dixit

Year 9 – Mr Knowles

Year 10 – Mrs Gruar

Year 11 – Ms Kios

Year 12 – Ms Vanstan

Year 7 – Miss Larcombe

Year 8 – Miss Boyd

Year 9 – Miss Johnson

Year 10 – Mrs Tiberi

Year 11 – Ms Lingard

Year 12 – Miss Glenn

ARTS – Mr Trzeciak/Ms Emery

ENGLISH – Ms Ritchie

EAL – Ms Mphande

HEALTH & PE – Mr Christiansen


LOTE – Ms Lynd

MATHS – Ms Moore

SCIENCE – Mr Mahon

TECHNOLOGY – Mrs D’Sylva/Mr Stephan

Principal Staff

David Finnerty

David Finnerty


Mrs Anne Ure

Mrs Anne Ure

Assistant Principal

Year 7 & Year 11

Mrs Sue Glenn

Mrs Sue Glenn

Assistant Principal

Year 8 & Year 10

Mrs Karen Shiel

Mrs Karen Shiel

Assistant Principal

Year 9 & Year 12


Please visit Rectruitment Online to view our current vacancies

Current Vacancies

  • Integration Aide
  • Classroom Teachers – Chem/HHD

To apply for a Casual Relief Teaching position please send your updated Resume and Cover Letter to addressed to the Daily Organiser. Please include information on your teaching methods and experience.

It is a requirement that you must have current VIT Registration to work as a teacher within Victorian schools. To be eligible to work as a CRT at HPSC you must be able to produce your current VIT card.


We are currently in need of Casual Relief Staff with the following experience

  • Integration Aids/ES Support staff
  • VCE Maths
  • Dance
  • VCAL
  • Food Technology
  • Multi Materials/Wood Technology
  • Textiles
  • French
  • EAL


Hampton Park Secondary College has a compulsory uniform policy for all students Years 7-12.

The College also has a compulsory sports uniform, which must only be worn during sporting activities.

To download a PDF copy of uniform price list and pictures click on the file below.


Regular attendance at school is crucial for the achievement of successful student outcomes. To this effect, Hampton Park Secondary College has Attendance Policies for the Junior and Senior school: Student Attendance Years 7-9 and Student Attendance Years 10-12. In the Senior school in particular VCAA also has attendance requirements for VCE, VET and VCAL students which are stipulated in the policy.

In addition, new state government laws compel all persons under the age of 17 in the State to attend school for 200 days per year. Parent/guardians of a student under the age of 17 are required by law to ensure school age children attend school as required. As of 1 March 2014, the Government has amended the law to provide for the Regional Director in each of the 4 Regions across the State to issue substantial fines for parents who do not meet their legal obligations in this matter. The aim of Government in making these changes to the law are to reinforce the importance of education for young persons.

To view these policies, please see the files below.

Compass School Manager

Compass School Manager gives parents and students a wide range of communication and access options between home and school.

Parents/Caregivers can:

  • Access Compass through an individual login code and password
  • See their students schedule
  • Check attendance and approve student absences
  • Communicate with teachers
  • View learning tasks
  • Pay and give permission for excursions
  • Keep up-to-date with the school News Feed
  • View GPA and Semester Reports (Click to view the Key to student GPA Reports)
  • Make Parent-Teacher Interview bookings twice a year

You can access Compass School Manager via this link .

For more information on Compass School Manager and for assistance with access please contact the General Office.

One to One Laptop Program

Welcome to the HPSC Notebook Program


Hampton Park Secondary College has committed to twenty first century learning by undertaking the one to one laptop program for all students.

This allows students access to learning twenty four seven, in the classroom and at home through our VM Portal and through Compass School Manager. A computer levy paid by parents/caregivers at the start of the year allows student access to an extensive range of software programs and learning activities in each subject area, and ICT infrastructure including technical support.

In nearly all subjects textbooks are no longer required; therefore the cost of laptops are largely offset by the fact that there are a limited number of text books to be purchased each year.

Laptops and insurance can be paid on a payment plan as arranged through the General Office. We are keen to work with parents in any way possible to ensure that students have a laptop or device in class.

The aim of this program is to give students full control and responsibility of their netbook/notebook. Students will have the responsibility to look after their device and to ensure that they keep their data and details secure.

The benefits to students and parents/caregivers:

  • Students are inspired and engage with today’s tools and experts
  • Students strive for excellence through personalised learning programs fully exploiting the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Access to our school server and programs 24 hours a day
  • The College assists parents with the purchase of suitable devices with numerous educational software packages preloaded
  • Students may supply their own device (this also requires home internet provision)
  • Average saving per year on Year 7 to 9 booklist in excess of $350

The HPSC IT department will offer the following support to students:

  1. Warranty support on the hardware
  2. Software support using the VMware View session
  3. Limited support for your local laptop software

To view the School Laptop Program Insurance Policy and the Acceptable Use Agreement for Internet and Digital Technologies Policy please see the files below.

Student Transport

Our students at Hampton Park Secondary College have a range of transport options available to them.

We have a secure bicycle compound available for students who ride their bicycle or scooters to school. They must supply their own chain and padlock to secure their belongings within the shed. This compound is locked between 9.00am and 3.08pm.

Students who ride their bicycles and scooters to the College are expected to obey all road laws and must be aware that they are required by law to wear a bicycle helmet. Bicycles and scooters may not be ridden on the school grounds.

Bicycles and scooters are used and stored at the students own risk and the school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage.

Students with a valid license who drive to school are not allowed to park their car within the school grounds. Student cars must be parked legally on the road outside the school. Consequently, students are not permitted to go to their car during the school day. To protect the safety and welfare of yourself and all students, students must adhere to road rules and drive in a safe and responsible manner. Students are also not permitted to transport other students to and from any school program or function.

There is a bus stop out the front of Hampton Park Secondary College which operates on two bus lines; Line 891 Lynbrook to Fountain Gate and Line 893 Cranbourne to Dandenong. To find more information about these services please go to Public Transport Victoria. You can also find these timetables below.

Parent Network


Hampton Park Secondary College is committed to working in partnership with the parents in our community. It is only through genuine partnership that we are able to achieve the best outcomes for the students at our school.

Parents may be involved in a variety of ways. They are invited to join the College Parent Network or they may nominate for College Council – the governing body of the school. The Parent Network meets monthly at 7.30 pm. This group is the most important body in providing feedback to College Council on school policies, uniform, and other administrative matters. The group also organises the annual Second-hand Book Sale and they organise social events, speakers, the “Keys Please” program for learner drivers and their parents, as well as a variety of fundraising activities.

Parents are expected to attend twice yearly parent interviews or other interviews as requested by teachers. Students in Years 9-12 and their parents are expected to attend relevant information sessions organised by the college which describe subject selection procedures, VCE, VET and VCAL information.

Parents wishing to make contact with staff at the school are asked to make appointments to do so to reduce parents’ waiting time. Parents are also encouraged to make contact with teaching staff through notes in students’ diaries.

We look forward to meeting the parents of all our students.