It is with great sadness that I inform our College Community of the retirement of Ms Anne Ure on the last day of this term.  Anne is retiring from the Department and the College, following more than 40 years of dedicated service in education to the youth of Victoria. Over the last 7 years of her career, Anne has committed herself to making a difference in the lives of the young people of Hampton Park, in her role as Assistant Principal.

In her seven years as an Assistant Principal at the College, Anne has taken on many key administrative functions, not least of which has been her pivotal role in leading the Years 7 and 11 Teams.  In this role Anne has consistently provided sound advice, timely assistance and wise counsel to the staff, held students accountable for their behaviours and at the same time, she has supported and nurtured them toward meeting our expectations of them both at the College and in the wider community.

Anne was central to the development of our College values and their associated processes, including our values assemblies, the ‘post card home’ and celebration of students living our College values.  Through Anne’s drive, living our values has become firmly embedded in the daily practice at the College. During her 7 Years with us, Anne has modelled those values and desired behaviours to our students and held them accountable for their actions, helping prepare our each student for their many and varied experiences on leaving our structured and supportive college environment – an environment in which they feel safe and nurtured. The end result of this effort and commitment has seen our students take on key roles as they become valued members of the wider community.

As Principal of the College I could not ask for an Assistant Principal to have been more supportive of me, or for someone to be more grounded in their commitment to the team.

As a member of the College community, Anne has served with absolute distinction and I take this opportunity on behalf of the College and our wider Community to express our thanks and appreciation to Anne’s efforts over the past 7 years and wish her every happiness in what we hope will be a long and equally rewarding retirement.  Her legacy will live on in the lives and memories of all those she has touched, nurtured and supported throughout her life-long commitment and service to the Youth of Victoria and of Hampton Park in particular.

– Mr David Finnerty