Bake Sale and Health Expo

On the 8th of August, the Year 10 Monash Access students held a bake sale as a fundraiser for their Health Expo. They baked many different sweet items, including cupcakes, and held the sale at lunch time in the Maker Space courtyard. It was a great success and we are very proud of all the students who helped with making and selling the baked goods.

On the 22nd of August, the Year 10 Monash Access students held their Health Expo. This expo was in support of ten different health charities, and they have been working on the organisation of this expo through out the year.

The students in the group Year 10 Access Monash are Jess Hogan, Imshi Rismeeden, Gabby     Allcock, Matthew Little, Liam O’Kane, Belinda Gresle, Celeste Creta, Komal Prasad, Kayla Barden, Cassidy McLean, Elva Rossiter-Linaker and Crystal Real.

Congratulations must go to these students for their hard work and determination in completing the bake sale and Health Expo.

Special thanks must go to Ms Dennis and Mr Shinkfield for their work with the group, and to all other teachers who have assisted with the Access Monash program.