Following their successful Bake Sale on August 4th the Year 10 Access Monash Champions successfully completed their leadership project with their Health Expo on August 11th. They have put two videos together of their leadership challenge, one a highlights package and the other a reflection on what they have learned from their experiences. They will use these videos on Friday at Dandenong High School when all the Casey schools report back to the Access Monash panel on their projects. The videos were uploaded to YouTube for the project so if you are interested in viewing them here they are:

Project Highlights:

Project Reflections:

The Year 10’s are a very confident group and I am sure that they will do well in their presentation on Friday so if you see the students congratulate them on their efforts! The students in the Year 10 group are Jess Hogan, Imshi Rismeeden, Gabby Allcock, Matthew Little, Liam O’Kane, Belinda Gresle, Celeste Greta, Komal Prasad, Kayla Barden, Cassidy McLean, Elva Rossiter-Linaker and Crystal Real.

Additionally, the Year 9 Access Monash team have completed their leadership project on Higher Education and they will also present their PowerPoint /Animation at Dandenong High School on Friday. The students in the Year 9 group are Kayden Draai, Isabeau Hart, Connor Hibbert, Michael Magila, Sarah Mitchell and Eddie Vusic so if you see them give them your support and congratulations in what for them might be a nerve-racking experience!

Both groups have done a fabulous job devising their projects over the last six months, meeting regularly with their Access Monash tutors. I am sure that they will do a great job in representing the Hampton Park Secondary College community at the presentation day.

Mr Shinkfield and Ms Dennis