School Production

Hampton Park Proudly Presents Disney’s Aladdin Jr!

After 18 months of rehearsals, countless lockdowns, the postponement of production dates due to restrictions (and more lockdowns!) our talented cast and crew were finally able to showcase their hard work in five spectacular performances of Disney’s Aladdin Jr.!

From Thursday 31st March to Saturday 2nd April our cast, crew and staff worked tirelessly to give the HPSC community the performance of a lifetime! With reviews like ‘polished to perfection!’ and ‘the best production I have ever seen!’ it’s safe to say that the show was an absolute hit!

A huge thank you goes out to all students and staff involved in the production – your hard work more than paid off and it was amazing to see not only HPSC students and staff attending the performances but also many members of our local primary schools, local council and countless members of the HPSC community!

Congratulations to everyone involved and a huge shout out to Drew Downing (Artistic Director) for his ongoing support!

Productions are a wonderful opportunity to engage the wider community by showcasing the artistic talents of college students in the areas of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art. From year to year each production is unique and allows the opportunity for students passionate about performance and the Arts to work collaboratively in a team towards a common goal.


Sport at Hampton Park Secondary College includes the development of sport skills, an understanding of rules of various sports and an appreciation of codes of behaviour.
The College Sport Program aims to:

  • Promote an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Encourage students to participate in sport
  • Provide leadership opportunities for students
  • Encourage students to strive for excellence
  • Assist students to develop self-confidence and cooperative skills
  • Introduce students to a range of sporting activities
  • Assist students to learn the rules and acquire and improve the skills of sports
  • Enable students to participate in sporting competitions
  • Provide enjoyment and a measure of success
  • Develop good sporting behavior including self-control, discipline, cooperation, tolerance and respect for others
  • Help students develop skills and interests for recreation
  • Ensure College recognition for positive role models in participation and excellence
  • Provide a forum for excellence for players and coaches
  • Seek to develop a sense of pride amongst students as a result of their participation and performance
  • Forge links between the College and the community, including the sporting community


Members of the HPE Team help to assist students in joining teams and competing in interschool sports and college sport carnivals. Emphasis during all events is centered around good sportsmanship, participation, team focus and the enjoyment of sporting activities.


Learning an instrument builds your social skills and confidence, develops your creativity and life skills (e.g. time management, organisation, teamwork skills), relieves stress, improves musical skill, as well as academic performance across different subjects. It is also a unique way of expressing yourself and it’s fun!


The Music Program at Hampton Park Secondary College is underpinned by the Musical Futures approach to teaching and learning.


The classroom music program is based around a belief that music learning is most effective when young people are engaged in the process of making music. Our music learning sequences aim to build on students’ existing passion for music and values their personal musical interests. It focuses primarily on music making and performing through improvisation and composition, then integrates aural learning.


Music is offered as an elective in Year 7 (as a term “Explore taster”), and in combined classes (Year 8-10) as an “Enhance” subject for a semester. We also offer VCE Music Performance for a year for senior students wishing to maximise their musical potential. Throughout all year levels, students have the opportunity to play in whole class ensembles, develop their solo and small group performance skills, develop the required knowledge to incorporate the elements of music into their own performance, perform inside and outside the classroom environment, as well as record music. The learning sequences incorporate the use of technology, which includes learning to use a recording software program called ‘Soundtrap’, while at the same time building the literacy and numeracy skills required to be successful not only in this subject but across other learning areas.

Most importantly, we make music FUN at Hampton Park Secondary College!



Hampton Park Secondary College also offers a fantastic Instrumental Music Program that caters for almost every instrument group including:

  • Acoustic/electric guitar
  • Drums
  • Bass guitar
  • Keyboard/piano
  • Voice
  • Brass (e.g. trumpet)
  • Woodwind (e.g. flute, clarinet and saxophone)


We offer a variety of musical instruments for students to learn, specialising in rock, pop and contemporary music. The aim of our Instrumental Music Program is to empower students by developing their love of music by providing small group instrumental music lessons. 

If your student is interested in joining the Instrumental Music Program, please fill out the form below and return it to the front office with payment. 

Debating & Public Speaking

Debating at Hampton Park Secondary College is run through the Debaters Association of Victoria Inc (DAV).

Debating is an excellent way to develop your skills and confidence in public speaking, as well as improving on the ability to communicate ideas clearly and fluently. Being able to effectively communicate and critically think about a range of topics and issues are skills considered highly advantageous in the workforce, proving beneficial to a wide range of different professions.

We have a very committed group of senior students who meet regularly to prepare as team for debates. The topics can be seen or secret. For secret topics, teams arrive one hour earlier, in which time they prepare for the debate with their team and two other people who are not teachers or parents.

We are always looking for debating team members!

Our school also participates in the Model United Nations (Model UN). This is an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Participation in this event is great for building up confidence and public speaking skills. Students work together representing different countries to negotiate world problems and solutions.

If you are interested in participating in Debating or the Model UN please speak with Ms Grimm.

Camps and Extra Curricular Activities

Hampton Park Secondary College offers a range of camps and extra curricular that have been approved through School Council.

To introduce them to their secondary schooling, our Year 7 (Entry) students attend a camp at the beginning of the Term 1. This camp focuses on developing relationships and skills for entering high school.

In Year 11 the Formal is an event for students to dress to impress and share a lovely night with their fellow Yr 11 peers. This is a fantastic night enjoyed by all the students and staff that attend.

At the end of Year 11, there is a Study Skills Camp to prepare students for their final year of VCE schooling. This camp is held in the Melbourne CBD area, and students attend study skills workshops, along with other fun activities, such as indoor rock climbing and going to the cinema.