Grade 6 into Year 7 Transition

Welcome to Hampton Park Secondary College.

We are excited to meet all the new members of our College Community!

Principal’s Welcome

Hampton Park Secondary College is committed to providing education that is both student-centred and focused upon personalised learning experiences. We understand that students become passionately engaged in their education when the pedagogical approach is placed, purposeful, passion-led, and pervasive.  At HPSC, we have re-designed our learning programme to enable students to excel through this research-based future-focused model, ensuring all our students benefit from deepened learning and improved educational outcomes. Thus, at HPSC, we enable a tailor-made educational programme that empowers students to take control of their learning.

Learning at Hampton Park Secondary College is categorised into three stages or ‘programmes’: Explore, Enhance, and Excel. These programmes recognise the unique needs of each student and allow students to ‘move through’ their secondary schooling experience in a way that better reflects their passions and abilities rather than their nominal ‘year level’. Hence, whilst many students merely survive their time at high-school, students at HPSC instead thrive in an exceptional learning environment where they are empowered and supported to create an educational pathway that is as individual and unique as they are.

Our vision of learning excellence is underpinned by the values of Respect, Learning, and Working Together. Through living our values, we hope that our students manifest the qualities of understanding the world with a global view, engaging in life-long learning, and always being critical and creative problem solvers. Our world is changing rapidly. We believe that a 21st century approach to learning is needed to engage and improve learning outcomes. At HPSC, we support young people to build important skills for now and for the future.

Captain’s Welcome

Explore Program (Year 7)

The first stage of learning at Hampton Park Secondary College is called ‘Explore’.

The Explore Program has been designed to encourage all Year 7 students to do exactly as the name suggests, ‘explore’ the full range of subjects on offer from the eight key learning areas.  

Students will study core subjects and six Taster Electives of their choice. We recognise that all students are unique and different, with individual interests, and as such, we want to empower students with the opportunity to individualise their educational program.

Students are encouraged to think carefully about which Taster Electives they choose and should think about their goals for the future, their strengths, aptitudes and interests and seek advice from their Grade 6 teacher and parent/carer. If a student is uncertain about their pathway and learning direction, we encourage students to select Tasters from all learning areas, enabling the opportunity to experience and enjoy a broad range of learning.

The Explore Course Structure is divided into two main areas: Core Subjects and Student Choice Taster Electives.


  • English/EAL (2 Semesters)
  • Maths (2 Semesters)
  • Health/Physical Education (2 Semesters)
  • Humanities (2 Semesters)
  • Science (1 Semester)
  • Literacy Intervention (2 Semesters) for students needing additional support, undertaken in place of Humanities


  • 6 Tasters, each lasting 1 Term
  • Options are available from the areas of Arts, Humanities, Languages, Science, STEAM, Technology

Celebrating Success

Celebrating student’s success and upholding our values of Respect, Learning and Working Together is highly important within the Explore Program. Explore staff recognise students who are demonstrating these values by awarding them a ‘Values Nomination’ with associated house points. Hard work and effort is recognised by giving student’s a ‘Bluey Award. When students receive five ‘Bluey Awards’ they are presented with a Principals Awards at our much anticipated Values Assemblies.

Hampton Park Secondary College aims to prepare students for lifelong learning and the world of work. There are many paths to achieving each goal, with Explore (Year 7) being an important stepping stone along the way.

Meet the Explore Transitions Team

Mr Wayne Haworth

Mr Wayne Haworth

College Principal

Mr Paul Broecker

Mr Paul Broecker

Assistant Principal (Year 7)

Mr Jamie Marks

Mr Jamie Marks

Transition Leader

Mr Billy Jessop

Mr Billy Jessop

Junior Sub School Leader

Ms Nikki Boyd

Ms Nikki Boyd

Student Learning Leader (Year 7)

Mr Matthew Cram

Mr Matthew Cram

Student Learning Leader (Year 7)

Explore Camp

This camp is aimed at assisting students in their transition into secondary school. A major focus is on building students’ relationships with their peers and teachers. Students get to enjoy a wide range of adventure and recreation activities that promote fun, engagement and connectedness.

Welcome BBQ

All Year 7 students and their families are invited to the Explore Welcome BBQ.

The Year 7 Team look forward to meeting the families of our Explore Cohort to celebrate the beginning of their Secondary Schooling.

An RSVP slip will be distributed to families in early 2021.

Explore Curriculum

Take a look at our video gallery below to find out more information on the range of subject options our different Learning Domains offer to students.

The Arts
Health & Physical Education
English & EAL
Technology & STEAM

Subject Handbook

Click on the image below to view the Explore Subject Handbook

Subject Selection

Ready to complete the Subject Selection process? Follow the steps in this helpful video to submit your Subject Selection.

Laptop Program

Hampton Park Secondary College has committed to twenty first century learning by undertaking the one to one laptop program for all students. Students in today’s classroom enter a very different world than that of their parents.  

The one-to-one laptop program was implemented at the College to take advantage of the massive benefit to learning available through the use of technology. Additionally, in nearly all subjects textbooks are no longer required; therefore the cost of laptops are largely offset by the fact that there are a limited number of text books to be purchased each year.

A computer levy (included in the Essential Student Learning Fees) allows student access to an extensive range of software programs, including the Microsoft Office suite, learning activities in each subject area, and ICT infrastructure including technical support.

The aim of this program is to give students full control and responsibility of their netbook/notebook. Students will have the responsibility to look after their device and to ensure that they keep their data and details secure.

In 2021, we are offering the following device available for purchase from the College.

Lenovo IdeaPad S150 14″ Notebook

  • Screen Size 14 inches
  • Processor 1.60 GHz AMD A6
  • Memory Speed 2400 MHz
  • Hard Drive 64 GB eMMC
  • Graphics Coprocessor AMD Radeon R4 Series
  • Average Battery Life (in hours) 5 hours
  • Laptop bag included

Total Upfront Cost $400

A deposit of $200 is due by Friday November 27th.

Payments options include upfront payment or a credit/debit card payment plan.

Payment plans must be finalised by the end of Term 2, 2021.


College Uniform