IT Support

Help Desk Contact Details

Phone 03 8795 9422


As we come to terms with the growing challenges of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and when we are forced to work from home, our focus is clear.

To maintain support to the College community.

Our IT Helpdesk will be available to help you but in a different way. Please call the number above if you have password issues such as:

  • Unable to log into Compass
  • Unable to log into Office 365

Support will ask you a series of identification questions, and once they have confirmed your identity, you password will be reset.

If you require computer assistance and your compass password is working, please send an email to the help desk from your school email account.

We will help you remotely using Microsoft Teams and video conferencing, which will allow us to take control of your PC and assist you with non-password related issues.

Please familiarise yourself with logging into Teams. Once you have sent the email, please ensure you are logged into Microsoft Teams. This allows us to call you on your device.

To share your screen with Support, click the icon circled below.



Reminder: The Microsoft Office login page is




Remote Support