Hampton Park Secondary College has a strong tradition of transition processes that are individualised and nurturing. We have a variety of processes in place to allow for a smooth transition of students on their journey to, and their time, at the college.

We pride ourselves on the strong collaboration we have with feeder primary schools. In Term 4 of the year before students begin at the college, Year 6 students complete learning tasks that assist Year 7 teachers in gauging the learning needs of all our Year 6 students transitioning to the college. Specific Learning Programs are then designed for the students as they enter Year 7 where an Individual Learning Plan is developed for all Year 7 and 8 students. Our staff visit with primary school staff with current Year 7 students to ensure that each child’s learning and social needs are well understood when we are allocating classes

In order to maximise learning outcomes, students in Year 7 have two main core teachers that make up their English/Humanities, Maths/Science and Health Education teaching. This also allows for a personalised and individual approach where students’ learning needs are understood and they can excel in a supportive relationship.

Students and their families are welcomed at a “Greet the Teachers” evening in February, the college annual Open Night where we showcase our programs, values and initiatives and at our end of year Awards Night.

Years 7 and 8

At Years 7 & 8 the students enjoy learning in the Flexible Learning Space (their own space). Here teachers work in teams to deliver an engaging and collaborative curriculum. Grouping students within and across classes allows teachers to cater for the needs of individual students. Clear links are made between learning and the real world through the provision of authentic and rigorous learning tasks called CATS (Common Assessment Tasks).

Features of our program include:

  • Teachers and students work in teams
  • Focus on literacy and numeracy skills
  • Two teachers teach all of the core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Humaitites) , so that they know their students and their needs very well
  • A range of exciting curriculum experiences in The Arts, Technology, French, PE and Health Education.
  • Students have a say in their learning
  • One to One laptop program which provides access to learning, and the management of learning, at school and home at any time.
  • Exciting teaching and learning techniques and experiences
  • Development of skills that help students work co-operatively, set goals, reflect on their learning and how they can improve in the future
  • Excursions and incursions to support their learning

Years 9 and 10

At Year 9 we are preparing our students to become more independent in their learning. We continue to provide connections between their learning and the world around them and support them to become more complex thinkers. We aim to build their self-confidence and their ability to make informed choices.

Students all study the core subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Physical Education and Health Education
  • Integrated Studies

and have the opportunity to select electives in The Arts, Technology and French.

Learning at Year 9 features:

  • Community Involvement program where students develop and enhance their leadership and communication skills by assisting with local community organisations such as kindergartens, primary schools aged care.
  • City Centre Experience
  • Reach Program- Heroes Journey
  • Careers Education
  • Excursions and incursion

Students at Year 10 begin to focus more clearly on areas of particular interest to them. The program at this level offers a wide range of electives across all disciplines, enabling students to make choices and to specialise, as well as ensuring that they have the skills required for success in the senior stages of schooling. Students have the opportunity to accelerate their learning by undertaking a VCE study.

More in depth careers and pathways planning is provided at this level, through Careers Days, Mock Interviews and University and TAFE taster days. All students are supported to develop a Managed Individual Pathways Plan with the guidance of our professional Careers team.

Senior School

The Senior School consists of students studying Year 10 – 12, including VCE, VET and VCAL.

Senior students have the option to study VCE, VCAL and VET in a variety of combinations to meet their specific needs.

The College aims to provide senior students with knowledge and understanding of themselves, as well as the world of work. This is done by teaching the skills to analyse, plan and implement career decisions. By developing their career planning and decision making processes, students will be better able to undertake their subject selections to help them transition into their desired work type. Senior Students are empowered with the skills and confidence to implement post-school career decisions and anticipate and manage future work transitions.


We offer a Later Years Expo during Term 2. Here students and their families are able to discuss different options and pathways available to them within the school. If you missed our Later Years Expo, you can read the presentation here: 2020 21 HPSC Senior School Subject Handbook

The Senior Years focus is on supporting the best possible pathway for each individual student. We work with students and families to determine an appropriate pathway from compulsory years of schooling through to further education or employment, for each individual student. This means supporting all students to make informed choices based on their interests, abilities and aspirations for the future. It also means providing highly relevant programs that challenge, motivate, engage and support our students.

This is achieved by:

  • A VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) program offering a wide range of VCE subjects from all areas of study, which can also include VETiS (Vocational Education & Training in Schools) studies, which can be undertaken either at HPSC or a neighbouring school or TAFE college
  • A VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) program designed to develop skills specific to the workplace. The focus is on Literacy and Numeracy, Personal Development and Work Related Skills. All VCAL students complete a VET course and are involved in Structured Workplace Learning, giving them valuable experience in the workforce.
  • A combination of VCE and VCAL.
  • Clearly framed and consistently implemented expectations of students in regard to attendance and completion of learning activities.
  • Pathways support through our Careers Team and our Managed Individual Pathways (M.I.P.s) Program
  • Personal development and wellbeing support through Study Skills Days, Motivational speakers, Year 12 Committee and individual support from Student Managers and teachers.
  • Access Monash Program where University students coach and mentor our senior school students
  • The Roaring Forties program to provide support for high achieving students who have clear academic goals and are aiming to achieve a high ATAR scores for University or meet a demanding set of entry requirements in tertiary education.

Subject Handbooks

Year 7

Year 8 to 10

Year 11 & 12