Remote Learning

Remote Learning: A Guide for our Community

Over the past few weeks Teachers and Support Staff have been busy preparing for Remote Learning 2.0. The following guidelines are intended to assist students and parents/carers as we transition to flexible and remote learning.


Our summary graphic (on the right) includes all the key information about our remote learning structures commencing Wednesday 5 August.


The primary form of communication for students and parents/carers during remote learning will be via email within the normal school day 8:30am to 3.30pm.  Emails or messages received outside of these hours may not be read until the following day.


Teachers will be providing lesson plans, learning tasks and resources on Compass, and all staff will be using Microsoft Teams as our College-approved platform for video calls and conferences.

Education Support staff will continue to support students as appropriate within their role.

Adjusted Class Times

Learning remotely provides different physical and mental challenges for both students and staff.

To help with this, and to increase time in between classes for transition, we will be reducing the length of each period to 60 minutes.

This creates 3 Brain Break times during the school day whilst we are in a remote and flexible learning environment.

During Brain Break times, we recommend staff and students

REVIEW: Take a couple of minutes to finish off class activities and upload work.
RESET:  Log off current class and get ready to log into next class on Microsoft Teams.
REFUEL: Have something to eat/drink.
REST: Take a break from your computer/device/screen.
RECHARGE: Get some fresh air, stretch, go for short walk.

College Community Responsibilities

During remote learning, we all have a role to play.

General Study, Health and Wellbeing Advice

Setting Up Your Study Space

We recognise that every home is different. Where possible, it’s important to provide a quiet and comfortable learning space. Your child may have a regular place for doing homework under normal circumstances, but this space may not be suitable for an extended period. For some families, having all children around one table may work best. 

Where possible, extended learning should take place in a space your family shares. For example, a lounge room or dining room. These spaces are preferable over a bedroom, where it can be isolating for your child and supervision can be more challenging 

It should be a place: 

  • that can be quiet at times
  • that has a strong internet signal, if possible
  • where you or another adult is present and monitoring your child’s learning.

Staying Healthy During Remote Learning

  • During learning remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Regular exercise breaks i.e. 60 mins of vigorous exercise (e.g. a brisk walk) afterschool finishes and try to get some fresh air during the usual recess and lunch break to maintain a balanced approach to home learning
  • Balance screen time with regular timetabled breaks
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Keeping an adequate bedtime routine

Supporting Student Wellbeing

This time may cause great uncertainty and anxiety for our students. It is important we support students as best as possible through our existing systems. When in doubt, we encourage you to speak with the relevant Sub School Learning Leaders or a Wellbeing Team Member.

You can easily contact our Sub School Learning Leaders or the Wellbeing team by the links below.

Sub Schools

Student Wellbeing

Debbie Edwards

0477 743 800, Student Services

Cindy Zevallos

0428 726 821, Social Worker

Jacquie Binns

0428 870 641, Counsellor

Harlin Gandhok

0477 743 809, Counsellor

Alisha Gibson

0429 130 491, Youth Worker


Below are some resources that may assist our Community during this time.

Department of Education and Training Victoria

Learning From Home Portal

FUSE E-Learning

Learning From Home Advice

Translated in your language

Hampton Park Secondary College YouTube

Contact Our Staff

If you would like to contact one of our staff members, please click on their name below to directly email them.

Sub School Assistant Principal Year 7

Paul Broecker

Sub School Assistant Principal Year 8

Karen Shiel

Sub School Learning Leader

Billy Jessop

Student Learning Leaders Year 7

Matthew Cram, Nikki Boyd

Student Learning Leaders Year 8

Breanna Martin, Leah Green



Sub School Assistant Principal Year 9 

Eloise Haynes

Sub School Assistant Principal Year 10 

Ayman Youssef

Sub School Learning Leader

Emma Craven

Student Learning Leader Team

Liza Greaves, Cassandra Tucker

Christopher Knowles, Virginia Vuong


Sub School Principal

Wayne Haworth

Sub School Learning Leader

Fiona Vanstan

Student Learning Leader Team

Cameron Christiansen, Darryn O’Connor

Catherine Glenn, Annie Lingard

Business Manager

Claire Bartlett

Office Manager/Principal PA

Tracey Logonder

Accounts Payable

Leonie Jordan

Accounts Recievable

Casey Reid

Daily Organisation/Publicity/Communications

Sarah Fritsch

Reception/Student Attendance

Maria Vrbic


Valerie Simpson

Junior Sub School

Joanne Miller

MIddle Sub School

Margaret McMahon

Senior Sub School

Ciara Vella