Student Involvement at Hampton Park Secondary College

Hampton Park Secondary College Student Leaders


Jess Hogan, Cain Stansfield, Salman Yusofi, Tia Chater

The position of College Captain at Hampton Park Secondary College is the pinnacle of student leadership in the school. As well as representing the student body, the Captains represent the whole school, its values, its good name and our embraces our College diversity. The College Captains are leaders, independent and reliable. They are able to inspire others; they enjoy the confidence and respect of students and teachers. To be eligible for the position of College Captain, applicants must be able to demonstrate and sustain:

  • An exceptional attendance and behaviour record,
  • Commitment to the school through academic and cultural involvement,
  • Leadership,
  • A vision for their leadership.


  • Liaison with Staff, the Student Involvement Coordinator and all Year Level Managers,
  • Regular meetings with the Principal and or members of the Executive Leadership Team,
  • Liaising with the Students’ Representative Council,
  • Representing the student body at formal occasions both within and outside the school, such as Parent Teacher Evenings, Open Night, Presentation Evening, VCE Information Sessions,
  • Representing the School at official functions, such as meetings with College guests
  • Addressing school assemblies to promote the values and good name of Hampton Park Secondary College,
  • Speaking to the whole school about relevant matters,
  • Exhibiting leadership in activities such as sporting events and carnivals

Year 12 Committee

The Year 12 Committee consists of a group of Year 12 students whom are elected to represent the teaching domains at the College. The members of the Year 12 Committee are Captains of our academic areas and assist the staff with specific subject duties across the school. The Year 12 Committee is the essential link between college management and the student population. The Year 12 needs to seek input from all student members and represent all groups equitably.    


  • The Senior School Committee will represent the students and present their ideas and suggestions to the College Management through the Student Involvement Coordinator and the relevant Year Level Manager.
  • The Senior School Committee will organise initiatives and activities for the benefit of the student population.
  • The Senior School Committee members will be part of the Student Leadership team across the whole college and aid in the support process for students.
  • The Senior School Committee will become managers of student committees supporting their initiatives and programs and be available to help supervise Junior Lunchtime Activities (with the support of staff) and must be available to act as ambassadors of the College on official open evenings (Parent Teacher Nights, Open Evening, and VCE Information Evenings).
  • The Senior School Committee members must regularly attend meetings.


School House Captains

The position of House Captain at Hampton Park Secondary College is the an opportunity for students to embrace all wider aspects of our community and to help celebrate student success in a variety of domain based activities such as the Arts, Physical Education and Debating. Senior House Captains work with Junior House Captains to ensure that their House is competitive as all groups strive for the annual House Championship Trophy


Our 4 Houses are:

Somerville (Red) Fordholm (Green)  Regans (Blue)  Cairns (Gold)     


  • To promote the social and physical value in participating in College House Challenges to the best of your individual ability.
  • To act as a role model for other students, obeying Hampton Park Secondary College rules and Uniform requirements at all times.
  • To represent the college on official occasions at both internal and external events, including sports carnivals, award evenings and fundraising events.
  • To take an active role in Lunchtime Activities, Sporting Carnivals and Interschool Sport.
  • To assist in the organisation of all House Sports Carnivals (Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country) and to act as a student helper on the relevant whole school sports carnivals and parent teacher evenings/open nights.
  • To provide a link between students and staff members and work closely with the Sports Coordinator and Student Involvement Coordinator to increase the profile of the House Championship at the College.

Peer Support Leader

During Term 1 each year, trained Year 11 Peer Support Leaders meet our incoming Year 7 once a week to help them with the transition into secondary school. The focus for the groups is:

  • Welcome to Secondary School
  • Connectedness to the College
  • Trust
  • Communication and Listening
  • Relationships
  • Families/Friends
  • Bullying
  • Body Image
  • Teamwork/Cooperation
  • Values/Goals
  • Being Positive
  • Respect (for yourself, others and the school community)
  • Personal Qualities for Success
  • Self Confidence/Esteem
  • Peer Pressure
  • Decision Making



Peer Support Leaders need to be able to role model the following skills to the YR 7 students:

  • Commitment
  • Confidence.
  • Initiative.
  • Honesty.
  • Respect for all ideas and proposals.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Responsibility.
  • Friendliness.
  • Punctuality.
  • Ability to listen to other people’s view.
  • To be able to voice people’s opinions.
  • Be able to give up their time to help such things as school events.

Positive Behaviours Program

Hampton Park Secondary College strives to provide a safe, secure, friendly and stimulating environment for students and staff.

There is particular importance of promoting positive behaviours which encourages care, courtesy and respect for others. We promote a school wide Positive Behaviour Approach in order to build connectedness and to provide a framework for establishing the social culture that will provide an effective learning environment for all.

Through promotion of the College Values Respect, Learning and Working Together, we aim to promote pro-social behaviours amongst our college and broader community.

To achieve this as a College we:

  • Spend a significant amount of time at the start of each year defining our school values and the social behaviour expectation to students.
  • All teachers refer explicitly to the values in their classes. Please see School Values for our comprehensive Values Matrix
  • Acknowledge and reward positive behaviour. This is done by awarding Values Certificates, Values Postcards and regular celebration assemblies.
  • Regularly inform parents and the school community of our College Values.
  • Display our values throughout the college

The range of postcards designed by HPSC students

PSD Program


We have a large program for students with disabilities, and our students are supported on an individual needs basis.

Students are supported by a wide range of therapies, such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and variations within this spectrum.

Student curriculum is modified to suit individual needs and teachers have individual education plans for these students. Students in Years 7 and 8 attend an Intervention Program to develop their literacy skills rather than learning French.

Integration aides support students in their classrooms, and, if the student goals reflect a need, work under the direction of allied health professionals to complete individually tailored programs on a 1:1 basis.

Students who attend the VCAL Program are linked in with an external agency who provides a supported work placement, with a view to a career after school.

All schools in Australia, including Independent and Catholic schools, will participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability this year.

The Data Collection is an annual count of the number of students with disability receiving educational adjustments to support their participation in education on the same basis as students without disability.

All education agencies are now required under the Australian Education Regulation 2013 to provide information on a student’s level of education, disability and level of adjustment to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.* Data will continue to be de-identified prior to its transfer to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. No student’s identity will be provided to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

The collection of this information from states and territories will inform future policy and program planning in relation to students with disability.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact David Finnerty on 03 8795 9400 or the Victorian Department of Education and Training Data Collection Hotline on (03) 9651 3621. For questions after 7 August 2015, please call the Australian Government Department of Education and Training on 1300 566 046.

* For more information on Schedule 3—Amendments for the collection of data on students who are persons with a disability Australian Education Regulation 2013 see: https://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2014L01723/Html/Text#_Toc404934419

Welfare Support

The Hampton Park Secondary College Student Wellbeing Team (SWT) consists of multi-disciplined professional staff.

The Wellbeing area is in A1 which offers Breakfast Club from 8am to 8:50am before school Tuesday to Friday mornings and is open some Recess and Lunch times for students to play games etc.

All Assistant Principals oversee the college’s Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy Guidelines and work with the Student Wellbeing Team in regards to Student Wellbeing.

The entire team are available to support staff and students when communicating with parents and other family members about a range of wellbeing issues and refer out to external agencies when appropriate.

Jamie Lee Williams | Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Jamie Lee leads the Student Wellbeing Team (SWT) in the development, implementation, delivery and ongoing evaluation of Student Welfare Services. Jamie Lee is also involved in the initiation and implementation of Positive Programs that are designed to meet the needs of students and assist in enhancing their self esteem.

The SWT upholds a holistic approach when working with young people with social, health and well-being issues. Jamie Lee ensures that the SWT work from a strength-based approach who focus on the young person’s strengths and encourage them to reach their potential.

Jamie Lee is available Monday to Friday

Cindy Zevallos | Student Wellbeing Officer

Cindy’s role is to primarily work in collaboration with and under the supervision of the (SWC) in meeting students’ needs, addressing student based concerns and issues whilst providing daily support to students, staff, families and the broader community.

Cindy practices a strengths based/solution focused approach. She engages in assessment, “crisis” led, short and long term student support, external referral and agency liaison processes and a holistic approach whilst applying the College Core Values to her daily practice.

Cindy is available from Monday to Friday.

The DEECD offer Student Support Service Officers (SSSO) to provide assistance to students and staff where necessary. Services include psychologist, social worker, speech pathologist etc. The referral process is online and must be completed by the Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator.

The SWT utilises support from and refers students to a number of external agencies. Referrals are made via a member of the SWT.

Some of the agencies include:

  • City of Casey Youth Support Service – Short-term individualised support, some group work available.
  • Oz Child Shine Assist Psychological Service – individualised psychological assistance. Oz Child psychologist sees students here at school, however a GP referral must be made in order for students to be referred to the program.
  • Youth Connections – individualized support aimed at re-engaging students with education.
  • Southern Ethnic Advisory & Advocacy Council (SEAAC) – Service to support Afghan students.

Sick Bay

Our school Sick Bay is staffed by qualified First Aid Attendants and is provided by the school during school hours. It is available so that immediate attention to illness or injury is available to students at all times.

First aid medical supplies are only issued for injuries/incidents that occur at school on or school business.  Any student requiring strapping tape etc must also provide their own supplies.



Sickbay is for short term assistance and acts as a first-aid station only. It is best for your child to remain at home if they are unwell in the morning. However, should they become ill at school they will be attended to by a First Aid attendant.

If it is considered necessary for the child to be sent home, parents/caregivers will be contacted. Parents/caregivers are asked to collect their children promptly. If parents/caregivers are not contactable the Emergency contact person will be called. Please make sure that your student contact details are up to date. These can be updated via Compass School Manager.

Students are NOT PERMITTED to RING/TEXT their parents/caregivers themselves OR leave the school without permission.

You can find the proper Sick Bay Procedure on this information sheet.


If your child requires regular medication to be administered during school hours, parents/caregivers need to send the medication to school, clearly labelled, and it must be accompanied by a completed Medication Authority Form 2015.

Please be aware the school does not keep a supply of painkillers (Panadol or other medication) for student use.

To review the Department policy on Medication please go to this link.




A treatment action plan must be supplied for students with Asthma or any other illness that may require first aid assistance at school. In particular, medical conditions like Epilepsy, Haemophilia, Diabetes, Anaphylaxis or severe Allergic reactions.

Each student who is at risk of anaphylaxis is required to have a management plan that has been developed in consultation with the parents/caregivers and medical practitioner. The student must also supply their own Epipen/Anapen to be stored in the Sick Bay.

If your child has Asthma, please make sure they carry a puffer on them. You are now able to access Ventolin/Asmol over the counter at any pharmacy.

It is your responsibility to make sure the school is up to date on your child’s medical information.

Medical Condition Action Plans

Anaphylaxis Action Plan 2015

Asthma Action Plan 2015

Diabetes Support Plan 2015

Epilepsy Support Plan 2015