House System

Hampton Park Secondary College has four Houses, each named after an influential Australian figure. Click on a House to meet the House leadership teams.

Students belong to a House for their entire time at the college and have the wrap around support of a House Leadership Team – which includes an Assistant Principal, Head of House, Student Learning Leaders, Wellbeing Liaisons, and Student House Captains. Each staff member at the college is also assigned a House to further promote connection, strengthening House spirit and pride and a healthy House competition.

Currently there are four houses that are assigned colours and elements. They are Freeman (Red, Fire), Walton (Yellow, Air), Hollows (Blue, Water) and Mabo (Green, Earth). During 2021 members of our school community participated in a ‘house renovation’ which involved selecting these names as well as House mottos and logos. The House system at Hampton Park Secondary College is unique and promotes student and staff connection, inclusion, safety and support. Throughout the year there are an enormous amount of curricular and co-curricular activities and events that promote House Pride and enable students to generate points for their house. Some of the major events include:

  • Swimming Sports
  • Athletics Day
  • Cross Country

However students will also have the opportunity to collect points through attendance, consistent displays of the HPSC Values, book reviews and poetry competitions, and smaller games/competitions within their classes/year levels. Students are encouraged to participate in these events not only to collect house points but also to strengthen team spirit and inspire their peers. 


Freeman Building



Head of House

Georgie Kios

Brad Andrews

Year 7-9 Student Learning Leader

Matt Cram

Lisa Ho

Year 10-12 Student Learning Leader

Naomi Dawson

Brittany Raynes

House Administration Assistant

Leshika Gongagala Withanage

Joanne Miller

Key Wellbeing Contact

Harlin Gandhok

Jacquie Binns


G/J Block


STEAM Centre

Head of House

Chris Knowles

Gabi Phelan

Year 7-9 Student Learning Leader

Meg Beattie

Aaron Hare

Year 10-12 Student Learning Leader

Leesha Naidoo

Chris Marriott

House Administration Assistant

Ashley Hickey

Audrey Treadwell

Key Wellbeing Contact

Theresa Vice

Chris Haddad

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