Principal’s Message

Every student is unique with individual interests, passions and learning needs. At Hampton Park Secondary College we are committed to embedding an education model that is student-centred and focused on enabling learning pathways.

Our world is rapidly changing, so we must better prepare students.  We believe that ‘education should be done with students, rather than to students.’

When students are passionately engaged in their education, at their point of need, learning deepens, and outcomes improve. Students at Hampton Park Secondary College are offered three programs – Explore (Year 7), Enhance (Years 8-9) and Excel (Years 10, 11- 12).  Vertical learning whereby students are grouped according to their passions and learning needs rather than simply by age, is one of the recommendations outlined in Gonski 2.0.

By empowering students with choice and voice, while considering data sets and parental wishes, student can select subjects for a large range of exciting elective options, such as Planet Earth, Robotics and Snack Attack, to Fantastic Beasts, Rugby Academy and much more. 

Our innovative, approach to learning assists students so that no student is held back, and no one is left behind.  Learning is an organic process and by creating optimal conditions for learning, students can thrive. 

I invite you to see our learning community in action and to learn more about the exciting learning opportunities and new facilities, by booking a principal led school tour.

Wayne Haworth
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