Moving to the House System at Hampton Park has been a new and exciting challenge for us all. A lot of the change was driven by students to create our four houses including their names and their symbols. At Freeman, we are very proud to be named after the great Cathy Freeman who symbolises hard work, perseverance, pride and a sense of community, and we consistently see all of these values displayed by our Freeman students here at HPSC. Across the College, we have amazing students, but we are extra proud of Freeman and all the great things that the students have accomplished in their leadership roles, on key sporting days such as the swimming carnival and athletics day, in Domain weeks, in the College production of Aladdin and in all the one percenter things you have all done each and every day!

-Ms Kios, Freeman House Team Leader

House Captains Ujuilu Cham and Pevid Chheng

Assistant Principal

Kelly Krieg

Head of House

Georgianne Kios

Student Learning Leader (Years 7-8)

Ben Wilson

Student Learning Leader (Years 9-10)

Matt Cram

Student Learning Leader (Years 11-12)

Catherine Glenn

House Administration Assistant

Ciara Vella

House Wellbeing Team Member

Harlin Ghandhok