This year we have seen, not only as teachers but also from a house perspective, Walton students consistently act in a way that upholds the values of HPSC, and achieve great success throughout the year, both academic and personal. Our Walton students are smart, hardworking, and resilient; and have repeatedly demonstrated maturity, good-will and enthusiasm.

It has been wonderful to see you all be able to achieve success through navigating the extremely unpredictable nature of the last two years in remote learning, whether you were already at HPSC or finishing your primary school years. This was an incredible challenge for all, and your ability to withstand this, and thrive despite it, is admirable and something you should all be proud of.

-Ms Phelan, Walton House Team Leader

Walton House Captains

Clyde Peralta and Mia Samaranayake

Assistant Principal

Paul Broecker

Head of House

Gabrielle Phelan

Student Learning Leader (Years 7-8)

Billy Jessop

Student Learning Leader (Years 9-10)

Georgia Riley

Student Learning Leader (Years 11-12)

Cameron Christiansen

House Administration Assistant

Carly Felton

House Wellbeing Team Member

Alisha Gibson